Welcome to Neelashaila Mahavidyalaya

The Crest

The crest of our college is both symbolic & meaningful. It consists of an open book, a ship, some scientific apparatus, a missile and the right palm. The open book represents the eternal quest of man for knowledge . The ship symbolizes our voyage on the ocean of knowledge. The scientific apparatus signifies our love for science. The missile stands for the indomitable spirit of mankind to explore the unknown. The right plan refers to TAT SAT –The All Pervading God”.

The Moto in our Crest is – JA VIDYA SA VIMUKTAYE

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Mission & Goals

I) Quality Education at lower cost so as to make Higher Education accessible to all, more particularly to the Tribal & Economically back ward students.

II) Co-education: from Enlightenment to Improvement.

III) Creation, dissemination & application of knowledge.

IV) Promoting of Right Values, Humanity, Integrity & Noble Character.

V) Creation of Social Awareness, Community Orientation & Infusion of National Integration, Feeling, Cultured outlook and Team Spirit.

VI) Due Honour to the Parents & Guardians.

VII) We not only assure career but also complete human being.

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Long Term:

I) To grow into an institution of excellence and exemplary at the University level.

II) To provide literacy, scientific, professional and technical education to the aspiring rural youth at a minimum cost.

III) To be recognized as an institution with proven capacity to provide quality education in Science, Commerce and Humanities.

IV) To create symbiotic relationship with the society to meet the changing needs.

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